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Administrator Certification Maintenance (Summer 19)

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Summer 19)

1.An administrator needs to customize hyperlinks to match corporate branding. Which setting can the administrator set to assign custom colors to hyperlinks?

A.Use brand color

2.How can different Activities Views be used once the default Activities View is enabled by the administrator?

A. Users can switch between preferences

3.Which filter option can an administrator recommend to help a manager filter on tasks for their team?

A. My team’s tasks

4.By how many levels can dashboard components be sorted?

A. 2

5.Which dashboard component should an administrator use to show subtotals?

A. Lightning table


1.Setup->Quickfind enter Email template–> click on Lightning Email Templates

Enable folders and Enhanced Sharing

2. Go to App Launcher—>Serch apps or item Enter Email templates click on Email template

3.Click on New Foldername–>Folder Label: Sales–>click on save

4. Click on New Email Template–>Template Name: General

Click on folder name–>Select Sales click on Select Folder

Subject: General

Click on image insert and insert an image, save it.

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